Womens Herbal First Aid Kit

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This kit is made for women on the go looking for more natural alternatives in their first aid kit.  The kit includes a removable herbal mini kit with (4) formulas you can custom-choose from our list, natural personal care items and a small emergency first aid kit as well! (full description is below)

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This womens’ herbal first aid kit is a combination of natural personal care items, emergency first aid gear and a mini herbal first aid kit that can be removed to use separately, but tucks neatly into the back panel of the kit!

You can custom design your botanical formulas, and choose 8 of them from these options. All formulas are in 1 oz. Nalgene leak-proof, light-proof and shatter-proof bottles. (we will contact you to get your choice of formulas)

  • Lymph Mover
  • Stress Free Woman!
  • Wellness Support
  • PMS Rescue
  • Cool Pause Formula
  • UTI formula
  • Rip Van Winkle Formula
  • Mighty Mito

Here is a listing of all gear in the womens’ herbal first aid kit.

Emergency First Aid gear

(2) 4×4 gauze bandages

(2) 3×3 gauze bandages

(2) 2×2 gauze bandages

Steri Strips (1 package)

(10) Band aids, assorted sizes

(4) alcohol pad wipes

(1) compressed gauze roll (4.1 yards)

1″ medical tape

3″ ACE wrap

3″ vet wrap

medical-grade tweezers

(2) pairs nitrile gloves

(1) triangular bandage

Personal Care Items

(2) sustain Natural latex emergency condoms

womens’ mobile urination device

6″ wet bag (for storage of urination device)

(2) natural cloth menstrual pads

4″ wet bag (for storage of pads)

1 pkg of 10 botanical feminine cleansing wipes (Rael brand)

Mini Herbal Kit (includes the 4×6 mini canvas zipper kit)

Your choice of (4) botanical formulas in 1 oz. Nalgene bottles

1 oz. Trail Runners Salve

1 oz. Healthy Skin Salve

2 oz. Botanical Moisture lubricant tube

Additional information

Botanical Formulas

Cool Pause Formula, Lymph Mover, Mighty Mito, PMS Rescue, Rip Van Winkle, Stress Free Woman!, UTI Formula, Wellness Support